The New ShuffleTone phase

Although the product never got finished, I feel it's important to share some details on the work I had made on a new version of ShuffleTone. It was going to be my effort to begin monetizing on the application.

I was going to offer a free application that essentially had the same features of the original product(shuffling ringtones for calls and texts). A premium version would also be offered that would add ringtone shuffling for any application notification, a ringtone shuffling alarm clock, and playlists that would be applied at given times or cycles(like a work playlist or a Christmas season playlist).

The project began to get in the way of my personal life, as I had a mostly full-time job, and was full-time at school. I had most of the back-end finished, but the front-end wore me down to a point that I needed to step away. Unfortunately I have not picked the project back up; I still believe in the success the application would have if I would just rededicate myself, so we will see what happens in the future.

That being said, the front-end changes were pretty innovative. The serialization process was completely changed to write ringtone playlists to JSON files instead of Java binary serialization. Also, to expand the capabilities of the application, the ShuffleService would start by an intent that had a serialized function that would set the ringtone based on what spawned the shuffle event.

I wrote a development blog while working on the project. This can be found here:
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