Force of Nature

This was a game I made, in a group of 2, using Power Game Factory; which was a platform engine. At the beginning of class, we were all asked to develop some ideas for a game, which I thought a cool platforming experience would be one that retains a better experience when you are moving at top speed, and holding your momentum. I thought of it as a Assassin's Creed/InFamous/Prototype theory, where the fun in the game is really just all in the movement.

My partner(which we weren't partners at the time) presented an idea about changing the experience with the forces of nature that surround it. It was a fairly good idea, but nothing monumentally new, as there are many games that allow you to use nature as a way of solving puzzles. I decided that what would be really fun, would be a mixture of our two games.

Premise, Premise, Premise
It was simple. You were this character who, in normal form, had no real advantage anywhere. You could jump and move around but that wouldn't get you through most of the challenges that arose. These took special "nature-al" powers, which you would receive from morphing stations around the level. These morphs were timed, which forced the player to do the presented challenge before they lose the morph and have to move back.

These morphs included: Water, Lightning, Wind, Ice, and Earth and each had its own challenges and puzzles that the player would be presented with. It was a fun game and got A LOT of play time from the guests that came to EAE showcase at the end of the year. I was very proud of how well the game turned out and really liked the fact that so many people agreed with that.

Coming soon... Have to get to a Mac with Power Game Factory first.

Maybe coming soon...I don't know if the school has screen recording software for games on their Mac's.

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