A version of pacman that me and 2 other students created in high school.

This game was a group project for my programming class in my high school junior year. It was written in C# and can be opened through Visual Studios(you must have the C# version installed to view the code). It is not a final version and it still has a ton of bugs. Unfortunately I do not have a copy of the final version anymore and, because of my not so great programming habits that I used to have, I haven't really wanted to jump in and fix it.

Newest Version: .04

**Release Notes**

-New opening GUI for the game

-Default level created to disallow any invalid levels

**Not much different here, biggest thing is the main GUI which definitely improved the look

**Older Versions Release Notes**

-GUI was improved; Quit button was added to the main menu and the Level Editor button has been improved

-Pressing escape pauses the game which gives a choice between quit, retry, and unpause.

-Sound was removed to increase the speed of the total game

-Other small bugs, not listed here, were fixed to increase game speed

**The code is not included in this version...If you are interested in seeing the code for this version of pacman, let me know and i'll get it to you

*For the Pacman Level Editor, when saving levels make sure that you save in the 'Levels' folder of the pacman game or else the program won't be able to find it

Pacman Game by Tyler Robinson, Cuyler Stuwe, and Chase Parker


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