Mr. Gravity - Published on Xbox Live

For the EAE Senior Project, we are to make full blown games that will work on the Xbox 360 and will, by the end of the class, be up on Xbox Live! for the world to try out. I pitched a very simple idea of a platformer/puzzle game that was based on switching the directions of gravity as the only source of movement. My original pitch document can be found here:

I was lead developer throughout the project, and oversaw the technical side of the group. I was in a place where I could approve all code changes that came in, which helped us from passing in major fail bugs. Ive also been overseeing the PR of the group since the game has been released. I've used Twitter, and contacted media groups directly about assisting us in this aspect.

We've had a ton of reviews; Here's just a few of them:
Eurogamer - 7/10
VVGTV - 3.5/5
Extra Guy - B(Recommended)

Here's our Latest trailer(Made by me):

Here's a gameplay trailer:

Here's our Alpha trailer. You can clearly see the changes we've gone through from then till now:

Panel Presentation
Out of 31 pitches, this pitch was voted on the most in the class. It graduated into a list of 9 different pitches that we were to make prototypes for, which we would pitch in front of a panel of judges that included several professors and 2 EA Games reps. Here's a video we made for our pitch:

Nothing is tailored here. It is all in-game action that we recorded straight from gameplay.

On top of this, I wrote a Physics Engine prototype as well, which I also showed in front of the panel. It showed the flexibility that we wanted to have in the game, being able to change nearly all core values of the physics engine at any time. My theory about this was simple; if the player is continuously fed the same donut, they are going to get bored, so having the ability to change their environment a bit(visually queued, of course) could definitely be an interesting experience.

This presentation went over very well. We ended up getting voted in as one of the 3 games that will be made at the end of the year.

We are required to update a blog every Tuesday and Thursday of our progress that we make, personally, which you could find here:

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