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In the fall season of 2008, I found myself in a state of over-excitement over the very first Android phone, the G1. I bought mine on the very fist day, and in less than a month I started pondering things that I could make that would not only be useful for me, but also something that people all over the world could find useful. It was in this brainstorm that the idea of ShuffleTone came about. It wasn't till Summer of 2009 that I was able to write the code for it, but since then, the original version has gotten over 100,000 downloads, 4.5 out of 5 review stars, and has had some honorable mentions in several Android fan sites and such. That winter I started from ground up to make a good looking interface and a much more efficient strategy for doing its job. It has also received, separate from the original, over 100,000 downloads, 4.5 out of 5 review stars, and over 1100 customer reviews.

What does it do?
At the time, I had an overwhelming number of ringtones that I hardly got to use. What I wanted was a way to randomly set the ringtone from a choosen list of ringtones every time someone calls. This eventually evolved into Text Messages as well, which was a majorly appreciated move by my customers.

The second iteration of the app upgraded just about every aspect of the app in efficiency and user friendliness but there were no new features past that.

I have a 4 apps on the market right now. You can find out more from my developer blog:

You can also view its current market status here:

and at

This first link doesn't include ShuffleTone OLD for some reason but the second link definitely has all 4.


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