Multiplayer Pinball

This one's a little crazy. Our CS 3505 teacher had us work on our own personal pinball games at the beginning of the class, so that we can get a handle on how the XNA engine works. After the 2 week project was finished he asked us to partner up with somebody and take the basic pinball idea and make it multiplayer.

The idea that we had come up with was fairly simple.It was a split screen setup, but only one player has the ball at a time. This player tries to hit as many bumpers as they can to increase their points, while avoiding launching the ball through a gap on the side of the screen which would immediately trade turns with the other player. While the player with the ball was playing pinball, the other player was presented with a mini-game, which if won, would steal the ball from the other player but has to be played from where the last player left off(so if the ball was about to hit the bumper on player A's side, and player B steals, the ball would hit the bumper for player B)

The game worked well, but we were disappointed on where it didn't end up going. We wanted it networked, but when we were testing it, we were having nasty hangups all over the place which lead to a lot of inconsistencies.

Links - Requires XNA & Visual Studio


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