Half-Life Mod - Telehunters

In CS 3500, at the University of Utah, we modded a version of Half-Life 2-Deathmatch to what we called Telehunters. The point of the game was simply capture all the flags and who ever catches the most flags at the end wins.

The game was centralized around a weapon we made that had two functions. The first was the defense feature, which when you attacked another player with it, it would send them back to their original spawn point, in which it also returned any flags they were carrying at the time. The second function was what made the game unique and fun, which was the teleport feature. You could teleport anywhere on the map, as long as you could see standing ground, which meant going up took a little more prestigious aiming then going down. The overall experience ended up being extremely fun.

We had a modded level that was centralized around the playing style. It was 4 levels high with a basement level below, and there were no stairs. The way you would move around was strictly from teleporting around. Each level had only a couple entry points, so that you couldn't just teleport to the flags that were on them and several of the levels had their own additional challenge to overcome(like extremely dark halls, or conveyor belts that you couldn't teleport across). It was a 4 player level.

Sorry, no media for this. We recorded a movie of the gameplay, but I don't know where it has gone, and I can't record another one without the accounts we used back in the class.

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